Native organic fertilizers


up to 40% EVERY SEASON

I am persuaded of using organic, organic and mineral fertilizers means to be professionally considered approach while cultivating agricultural products. These fertilizers is quite necessarily to use in plant growing, flower gardening, decorative and park growing, forestry.

Using organic, organic and mineral fertilizers is a need at present. This need comes from task solution of greening the above-mentioned types of business activities. Increase of cropping capacity and direct input to qualitative characteristics of cultivated products is a result of regular treatment the fertilizers. This is one of the most value-based feature of organic, organic and mineral fertilizers. Evidential base for this confirmation are results of tests in place which we have done for years commonly with the representatives of academic community of Rivne region.

Organic, organic and mineral fertilizers produced by LLC ORGANIC GROUP UKRAINE were successfully tested by the representatives of big agricultural companies, owners of small and big farming households, those who cultivate plants for their own needs.

It is very significant to realize that our organic community becomes more numeric. Every member of this community finds fertilizers effective.

Kirianchuk Klavdiia Ivanivna

- technologist of the company -


High quality, uniqueness, types and value

Темно коричневий низинний торф


lowland peat
(moisture - up to 60 %, ash content - 15 %, pH - 6.5 pH units)

Дерев'яна пелета


high quality pellet
(value – 4,9, ash content – 0,4 %)

About us

LLC “ORGANIC-GROUP UKRAINE” is a company the key specialization of which is manufacturing of organic, organic and mineral fertilizers. Liquid humic fertilizers, fertilizers used to cultivate vegetables’s, fruits’s and berries’s crops, flowers, complex lime-potash chloride free fertilizer are strategic products of the company. Product line is also represented with high quality granular pellets and litters made of ecologically oriented wood material. 

Affiliated company of LLC ORGANIC-GROUP UKRAINE has scientific observations within industrial R&D, test in place to analyze the efficiency of using fertilizers. Five-year close cooperation with leading Ukrainian institutes (Institute of water problems and land clearing of Ukraine, Institute of farming sector, National institute of water management and natural resources use) confirms a strong expertise the company has. 

Products of LLC ORGANIC-GROUP UKRAINE” are certified with ISO 9001, 14001; ORGANIC STANDARD, recommended to use in organic cultivation; manufactured in accordance with a special patent technology, patent №KM 131683.

Company advantages

Унікальність продукції

Products uniqueness

manufactured in accordance with a special patent technology


Research and development

strong collaboration with institutes in doing scientific and practical researches

Багаторічна розробка лінійок продуктів

Product line development

years long



increase in yield
vegetables – up to 35-40%,
crops – up to 15-25%

Іконка якості


certified with
ISO 9001, 14001

Іконка доставки продукції


en-route to the destination
point comes up
in the day of order



in accordance with international standards ISO

Іконка доставки продукції


en-route to the destination point comes up in the day of order



are engaged in vinegrowing, grow nearly 140 of vine bushes
Koretz city, Rivne region

Farmers used to fertilize vine bushes with:

“Fertilizing with CALCIUM PLUS gave us a possibility to safe vine berry from dehiscence and further bruise caused by different insects, to fix up with a good sugariness vine berry, even when the weather conditions were poor enough.
MONOBORON HUMATE was used to solve a problem with boron deficiency. Fertilizing with MONOBORON HUMATE (before and after flowering) fixes up with boron flowers for a full value pollination and settlement, stimulates fine fruit formation. Spraying of aboveground part of vine with MONOBORON HUMATE gave us a possibility to liquidate boron deficiency, to better resistance to aggressive environments (like dry weather), to prevent vine berry from dehiscence.
To summarize. Our own farmer experience has already proved that these organic products of the company are super effective. Thanking to organic developments of company’s technologist we were able to stabilize very complicated present-day situation when vine afterripening lasted for 3 weeks longer as a result of severe enough weather conditions and that stress environment we had to neutralize.
Does not matter how much naysayers I
will meet, I am definitely sure that using organic fertilizers while farming business is a well-taken need nowadays.

Documentary proof of quality

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