МоноБор Гумат

Рідке добриво «МоноБор Гумат» - тара 5, 10, 20л.
Humate Potassium "Basic"

recommended for organic cultivation

Liquid concentrated boron fulvic and humic fertilizer for prophylactic use and decreasing boron dearth in croppers.

The greatest need for nutrition with mono-boron humate have agriculture growings: canola flower, corn, sunflower, soya bean, sugar-beet, red beet, carrot, potato, cabbage, tomato, apple tree, cherry, grape, plum tree.


  • humate material – no less 20 gram per liter;
  • boron – 100 gram per liter;
  • nitrogen – 35 gram per liter;
  • intensity value/density – 1200 gram per liter.
Іконка якості

Гарантія якості

виведена формула добрива технологом підтверджується висновками, свідоцтвами про якість, сертифікатами, патентом КМ №131683

Гумат Калію «Базове»


пляшка 1 л, каністра 5, 10, 20 л, єврокуб 1000 л

Features and benefits

  • high quality and stewardship;
  • 100% solubility in water;
  • manufactured specifically for leaf placement;
  • is not awashed from leaf surface as a result of natural thickness of humate;
  • contains boron easy able-to-get for vegetation form;
  • do not burn leafs (mono-boron humate is free of sodium chloride and foreign bodies);
  • consistent with the majority of humates (except of those which are not free of calcium).

Rate application

Cropper Phase of placement Norm, l./ha. Number of treatment
Field crops
Winter rape rosette (autumn); shooting; flower-bud formation 1 2-3
Corn 4-8 leafs 1 1-2
Soybeans 3-4 leafs; flower-bud formation 1 2
Sunflower 2 leafs, 7-10 leafs, flower-bud formation 1 3
Sugar-beet 4-8 leafs, leaf closure in a furrow 1 2
Buckwheat Buckwheat 1 2
Vegetable crops
Potato before flowering (beginning of bulbar formation) 1 1
Carrot root crop formation and growing 1 1
Cabbage 8-10 leafs, beginning of cabbage-head formation 0,5 2
Tomato, pepper, cucumber flower-bud formation 0,5-1 1
Fruit crops
Fruit plants before flowering, flowering 1 2
Grain flower-bud formation 1,5-1 1

Direction for use

  • The fertilizer is used as spray materials (different concentration) made with water downing of a primary product.
  • Water expenditure for field crops – 200-300 l./ha., for fruit crops – 500-1000 l./ha., for vegetable crops – 300-500 l./ha.

Way of preserving

The fertilizer is needed to be preserved in a dampness free place without direct sunlight exposure. Shelf life – 2 years.