Renovator of aground productivity

Рідке органічне добриво в тарі «Відновлювач родючості ґрунту»

Liquid organic humic fertilizer “Renovator of aground productivity”

Liquid organic humic fertilizer that activates agro and physical and chemical processes of aground, enrich aground with organic, biologically active humic materials, better activity of aground microbiota, renovate and maximize aground productivity, better physical-chemical properties of  sunbaked and sandy soils, recultivate soil, overcropped by human economic activity.


  • Biologically active humic materials – 35 000 mg/kg;
  • Organic nitrogen – 30 000 mg/kg;
  • Kalium – 4 000 mg/kg;
  • Complex of sulphur microelements – 30 mg/kg;
  • Manganese – 2,72 mg/kg;
  • Manganese – 2,72 mg/kg;
  • Copper – 0,06 mg/kg
Іконка якості

Гарантія якості

виведена формула добрива технологом підтверджується висновками, свідоцтвами про якість, сертифікатами, патентом КМ №131683

Гумат Калію «Базове»


пляшка 0,5, 1 л, каністра 5, 10, 20 л, єврокуб 1000 л

Rate of application

  • for all types of grounds that are used in agricultural manufacturing while enriching with organic and humic matters, bettering activity of microflora, renovating and increasing natural fertility of aground – 2-6 l. of the fertilizer per 1 ha.
  • for natural fertilised grounds that are used in intensive farming – norm 3-4 l. of the fertilizer per 1 ha.
  • for grounds with law rate of natural fertility, for light-textured grounds, for grounds with salinization – norm 4-6 l. of the fertilizer per 1 ha.
  • for fastening of mineralization process of plants remains – norm 5 l. of the fertilizer per 1 ha. with the next fertilizing of aground (carbamide can be added in a concentration equal to 10 kg. per 1 ha.)

Directions for use

  • The fertilizer is used for aground placement with spraying of the surface before reclaiming and cultivation.

Way of preserving

The fertilizer is needed to be preserved in a dampness free place without direct sunlight exposure. Shelf life – 2 years.